We believe that every business and organisation
deserves the best legal advice.


Sometimes you need legal counsel. To make a difference or to add value.

Whether to fight for you, or to help structure and negotiate a transaction, or just to spark your own strategic thinking about a way forward.

It's at those times that you deserve a reliable and experienced advisor who provides bespoke, practical and to the point advice. Advice that is responsive and transparent, with an approach based on your wishes and requirements, including legal spend. That's us, Forest Flint.


We are Forest Flint.

Forest Flint unites a diverse group of highly experienced lawyers who love their work and share the strong belief that every business and organisation, big or small, foreign or domestic, profit or non-profit, deserves the best legal advice. High-end service should not be anyone’s exclusive prerogative.

We are keen to solve complex problems and are not afraid to move outside our comfort zone, to think outside the box. We listen carefully and always try to understand your needs above all else. And we have the experience, expertise and creativity to deliver.

Our mindset is practical and entrepreneurial. We share our expectations and, whether or not we have exceeded them, we invite you to do the same.



The world is changing.

The law does not operate in a vacuum, but defines the way we relate to one another. Every business and organisation is also a corporate citizen, and we are keenly aware of that perspective. Not only to serve our clients, but also because we ourselves are part of society. And we want to contribute.

Organised as a cooperative association, the principle of cooperation is embedded in our DNA. At Forest Flint, we cherish our differences and share a common purpose. To provide high quality legal advice and support. In a way that is accessible and at a price that is realistic.

Because that’s how it should be.


You are welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or just a refreshing glass of water. Whatever your beverage, let’s meet.

We are located on the IJ waterfront, right across from the Amsterdam city centre, in the former docklands of Amsterdam North. A place bustling with life, diversity, and fun, at the heart of a developing metropolitan area. That is where we feel at home and where we hope to welcome you soon.